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The definitive Moving Home checklist...

To ease the process of moving home, we have compiled a list of things that need to be done, when they need to be done, and a list of useful contacts. We have also provided a checklist template for you to print out. This will enable you to keep track of who you have told about your move...

One Month to go...

  • If you have not already done so, investigate removal companies and hire a reputable one.

  • Fix the removal date at this point, avoiding busy Bank Holiday weekends and school holidays.

  • Arrange insurance with the removal company, if they offer it, and storage if you need it.

  • Many removal firms will provide large boxes for packing items in. Get them to drop some off.

  • You will need more boxes than you initially think!

  • Make any travel plans, particularly if you are moving any great distance.

  • Book accommodation if you need it.

  • Notify all those requiring any notice of your move, landlords for example.

  • Telephone, gas, electricity and water meters will need to be read, organise this now.

  • Don't forget to tell your employer if you need to take time off for the move.

  • Start on clearing out anything you are not taking with you. Check for valuable 'rubbish'!

Two Weeks to go...

  • Get your mail redirected. The Post Office can arrange this for you.

  • Do you need someone to take charge of children and pets during the move? Arrange it now.

  • Pack all non-essential items and clothing. Mark the boxes with the room they are to go in.

  • Let your Local Authority know that you are moving.

One Week to go...

  • Cancel things like the newspaper and milk deliveries.

  • Ring the removal firm and confirm the arrangements.

  • Let the neighbours know what is happening.

  • Do you need traffic cones to be delivered by the Police?

  • The cones can secure a parking space for the van on the day, arrange now if needed.

  • Are you taking any items from the garden?

One Day to go...

  • Finish packing essentials.

  • Ring the removal firm and confirm the arrangements.

  • Clean the house, ready for the new occupants.

  • Put sets of fresh linen on the beds, you will see why later!

  • Defrost any fridges and freezers.

  • If travelling any distance, carry any phone numbers needed for emergencies.

  • Make these numbers part of an emergency kit.

  • Do a final walk round, opening cupboards and checking the loft for forgotten items.

The Big Day...

  • Disconnect the cooker and any other remaining appliances

  • Strip the beds, packing the linen carefully, and in separate, easy to find boxes.

  • Clean the house, ready for the new occupants.

  • Close and lock all windows.

  • Do one last check.

  • Do you have the keys to your new home?

The New Home...

  • Let older children organise their own rooms.

  • Keep younger children in one room with plenty of toys and treats.

  • Make the beds using the (nearly) fresh bed linen.

  • Keep pets indoors, in a quiet room with some familiar bedding. Supervise them when outside.

  • Relax, you've done it!

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